Everyone’s a Designer

everyone is a designer

Empowered By Technology

We live in a world of memes, digital technology glued to our fingertips, and automated technology platforms that allow people to self-publish with the click of a button. iPad apps like SmugMug’s can “awesomeize” our digital photographs, or can add meme-like text with apps like Phonto. We can make websites and blogs without coding thanks to WordPress, Adobe Muse or Wix, and logos without the ability to draw thanks to dozens websites. Surely, everyone is now empowered to be a designer.

Does the empowerment to be something make you “it?” If I have all the gear to be a mountain climber — backpack, shoes, ropes, etc. — does that make me qualified to climb a mountain? I guess it depends on the size of the mountain and if I’m prepared to fall or break something on my way up.

This is what defines ones need for a qualified designer. Having ideas, tools and even the desire to design doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the most qualified person to make good design decisions and create good design outcomes. Like many endeavors, including mountain climbing, you’ll achieve more success if you have skills, training and a deep passion for what you do. It pays off to hire an experienced designer and allow them to provide you with the solution that best fits your goals.

What does that mean? Don’t tell the mountain climber how to climb the mountain. You want him/her to climb the mountain, just as you want your design to make a certain impact on your business. Allow the climber to use his skills efficiently to choose a path and reach the summit. Allow your designer to explore the solutions and paths to reach your business goals. That could mean taking the less-than-obvious path up to the summit. Maybe you don’t need a poster with a blue background and orange text to increase your sales. Perhaps what you really need to achieve your business goal is a neutral-toned email blast campaign with blue accents and a logo redesign to remove the orange from your color scheme. When you tap into the full array of skills and experience of a seasoned designer, you’re more likely to get to the best part of the mountain with a great view from the top.