Designers: Apple or PC…? Both.


I’m often asked whether I’m an Apple person or a PC person. It seems that in the design community, there’s a strong preference for Mac laptops and desktops, iPhones and maybe even the new Apple Watch. Some employers even hope to exclude those who don’t own one system or the other at home. For me, this seems to miss the point. I don’t mind if you want to know about skill sets, but why judge me by which devices I own?

First: My Current List of Devices

iPhone 6
iPad (4th generation) with Retina
FitBit Flex
ASUS 15.6″ laptop with Windows 8.1
Custom-built desktop, dual-monitor setup with Windows 7

Employers and Clients Use Both

As a technically savvy individual, I feel comfortable moving between Windows, Max OS and mobile operating systems seamlessly. They increasingly work together well, and my personal tastes for one system over the other often comes down to price for what I’m getting – like many other consumers. I often find myself onsite as a freelancer using the client’s systems – both Macs and PCs. Typically the difference of use is as little as hitting Command vs. Control.

Value and Personal Taste

I’ve never cared much for the Mac vs. PC debate, and much like how I approach my client’s work, I don’t like to over-simplify choices or people. When buying my latest laptop, I researched the latest offerings from Apple and PC makers. I could get the same technical/power specifications from ASUS over the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro – which was over twice the price. For me, that made the choice to buy the ASUS a no-brainer. Take a look (thanks Newegg!):


Does this make me a Mac hater? Nope. Macs have a sleek look, but maybe I prefer red backlighting. Last year, I swapped my iPhone 4S for a gold iPhone 6. Each device has something different to offer me, and I’ll keep re-evaluating as the offerings and my needs evolve.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

My Adobe Creative Cloud programs and files open the same on my PC as they do on a Mac. Rarely do I encounter a problem with modern versions of Microsoft Office between Windows and Mac. I can open my iCloud photos and iTunes on my PC just fine. Some software and game makers lag behind on releases for Mac due to the smaller customer base, but – hey, you can always dual-boot either system with OS X and Windows!

So, the next time you want to have the argument about Macs vs PCs… can’t we just decide to all get along and stop asking this question?

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