3 Ways to Boost Your Branding

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Photo courtesy Hybrid on Unsplash

It’s a new year, but is it time for a new look? Maybe. Maybe not.

I see so many brands out there with a multiple personality disorder. Eager marketers/designers find themselves bored with the look of their brand materials, or they’re just trying too hard to follow the latest trends.

What’s the harm of doing this? Well, for one, your customers may not recognize your material if you do this. Consistency is key in your brand’s success. Here are 3 ways you can boost your brand design and improve your marketing efforts.

Develop a brand book and stick to it
Your brand book should have all the key information about your company’s logos, colors, fonts, visual themes, and communication style. If you don’t have one, the likely result will be that every designer, marketer, and employee working for you will decide for themselves who your brand is.

Your brand book should be a living document, including branding elements for new marketing strategies and sub-brands, as well as any major changes you make to your look/feel or messaging strategy.

Save thematic elements and photography for re-use
There’s no need to reinvent the wheel for every new campaign or project. When you’ve written amazing copy, designed a new element, or edited some photography to make it custom— save it! Save these items in a separate file for use again and again in your campaigns. You won’t spend wasted time digging through old files and your brand will look more consistent.

Avoid being long winded
Marketers… people today have a short attention span. Get to the point — and fast. On flyers and ads, nobody is going to read a long paragraph of detail. Remember your goal when you’re writing and be sure that remains the sole focus of your project. The same goes for your emails, landing pages, digital, print, radio… What do you want your customer to do? Say that in a short and memorable way. Leave the rest at home.