One Amazing Type of Social Media Post to Boost Engagement

Social media is a fantastic tool for brand engagement, but how do you stand out in the crowded landscape? There are the tried-and-true posts — images, questions, and company updates. But have you tried this types of social media post to boost your engagement? Infographics are all the rage today. Should you use them? How can your business get started? Here’s the skinny on infographics.

Why to Use Infographics on Social Media

Infographics – What are they? Why should you use them?

Infographics are visual representations of data, and they’re intended to help audiences quickly and easily digest that information. Infographics are great social media engagement tools, and they’re an excellent source for boosting user shares. They may seem overwhelming to some people, though! Many brands ask questions about infographics, so today I’m answering many of them here.

Where do I get infographic data?

Sources for infographics include your own company’s performance, government resources, publications, and research firms. There’s a lot of data out there for free! All you need is a topic for your infographic, and then brainstorm for a related questions a customer might have.

For example, a real estate broker might consider the current home market and generate an infographic about whether it’s a good time to rent vs. buy in their local city. Then, they can seek out their professional organizations for relevant data (the MLS sales numbers or the National Association of Realtors, to name a few).

If you’re still short on ideas, infographics are among the services here at my consulting business. Reach out to me with your project idea!

Aren’t they expensive?

Infographics actually range in price significantly, depending on the amount of content and the level of detail a business needs. They may cost as little as $250 and go upwards to thousands of dollars in cost. Clients on a budget may stick to eye-popping charts, numbers, and graphic icons. Clients looking to splurge for a higher ROI might seek out detailed and realistic drawings.

There’s no perfect answer on what type of infographic you should seek out and at what price. Consider your brand’s look and feel, your target audience, the longevity of the project, and what your business goal is when setting a budget for an infographic.

Saavy marketers can produce an infographic that will be relevant from season to season or can be used in multiple blog and social media posts. Other companies use infographics in their annual reports, and then pull out select portions for their social media feeds and websites. There are many creative ways to increase your use and return on investment (ROI) on infographics.

What if I don’t have a graphics/marketing person?

Even small businesses can successfully use infographics. Consultants like me will work with you to develop the right data and imagery to make your business message stand out from the crowd.

Marketers who want to experiment on their own may find free infographics tools useful for smaller projects. Companies like Canva offer free online tools to create simple infographics. These are a great springboard for businesses that want to test out this type of social media post before diving into larger projects.

Don’t Forget to Link Back to Your Website

When you are finally ready to post your shiny new infographics on social media, don’t forget to use them to direct users back to your website! Best practices for this include sharing snippets of the larger infographic and linking back to a webpage or blog post featuring the full infographic and an explanation. That means you’ll need a great custom thumbnail for each social media channel that you’re posting to.

Remember, the point of creating an great infographic is to boost engagement — clicks to your website, shares of your image, etc. By breaking up your infographic into small snippets (microcontent), you can recycle your larger infographic numerous times, boosting your ROI and the number of opportunities to use that graphic.