Targeting the Right Social Media Platform

How to Target the Best Social Media Platforms for your Business: Age Demographics

One of the cardinal rules of marketing is to choose the right target customers, because you can’t be everything to everyone. This rule is helpful to remember when choosing a social media platform to promote your business.

Today, I want to focus on target age groups. While your customer persona should be detailed, including details such as age, gender, income, and other demographics, it is often helpful to start with age as a key social media demographic. You need to be where your customers are, and you need to focus on only enough platforms that you can afford to reach the right audience efficiently. In future posts, I will discuss other statistics that can narrow down your digital platforms, such as gender, interests, purchasing power, and other methods.

I’ve provided some of the top social media platforms in the image below, along with the percent of U.S. people who use the platform by age.

Social media platform adoption percent broken down by age group.

Keep in mind that certain types of businesses shouldn’t necessarily use a platform because it’s popular, and not every type of message is appropriate for every channel. If you’re a gaming company, you’ll want to be on channels like Twitch. If you’re a B2B technology company, you might not find yourself well represented on Instagram. The age ranges listed in this infographic are just a starting point to discovering your business’s ideal audience and the best social platforms to target.

For particularly niche products and services, you will need to break down demographics and behavioral statistics further in order to find your ideal audience online.

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