Email Marketing Tips and Tricks #3: Growing Your List

This is part three in my four-part series on email marketing tips and tricks. Today, let’s talk about growing your list of subscribers. Here are six tips to grow your email subscriber list in 2019.

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How do I grow my email list?

1. Set expectations: make it clear what signing up means

Some customers are happy to give up their email addresses without question. But many are sceptical and reluctant. This is why you need to make it clear what will happen when users sign up for your email list.

What do you need to tell people before they sign up for your email list? Here’s a checklist of questions that you need to answer:

  • What type of emails will I be getting?
  • How often will I receive emails?
  • What do I get out of this?
  • Will you sell my email address?
  • What is your privacy policy?
  • Can I preview an old email to see if I like your list?

You can put this information in your registration form, or you summarize it and link to the full information. Don’t bury or hide this information from your readers.

2. Provide value to your reader

The number one way to grow your email list is to give people a good reason to sign up and stay subscribed. Remember, you are competing for their time and attention from industry competitors as well as everything else that fills up their email inbox. What value does the reader get by signing up for your list?

What are some ways to provide value? It could come in the form of ideas, reminders, news, discounts, exclusive previews, or anything else from your marketing toolbox.

Value may differ between people in your list, so consider segmenting your subscribers by interest, frequency, and other facts to ensure you are providing value to them individually.

3. Create an incentive to sign up

In addition to providing long-term value in your email content, you should provide immediate value.

Sometimes in order to get past the sign-up barrier, it can be helpful to provide an incentive for your customer to give up their email address. Remember, you will still want to get clear permission when you use this method to avoid the pitfalls of sending unsolicited emails (spam, GDPR violations, etc.).

One type of incentive is providing a freebie. Try providing a one-sheet or digital booklet of your tips and tricks, asking users to sign up for your newsletter or email list in order to receive the freebie.

Another method that works is to provide a discount code in your initial automated welcome email. In order to receive the one-time discount, you can ask users to sign up for your list.

Use incentives carefully. If you don’t provide long-term value in your emails, your list growth may not last.

4. Use subscription forms

You can creatively add subscription forms to some of your existing marketing outreach to get more subscribers.

Here are some places that you might want to add a subscription form:

  • To the footer of your website
  • Linked from your company email signatures
  • On your contact page
  • Add a signup form to access free online resources
  • Linked from social media posts
  • Try a pop-up on your website
  • Add a link to your YouTube videos
  • Ask during online checkout
  • Let people subscribe to your blog via email
  • Ask people to sign up via tablet in-person

5. Try co-branded emails

Is there another business that you know or already work with that has similar customers? Try sending a co-branded email campaign. You can often make arrangements with other companies to add incentives, ads, or free content to their subscribers in one of their campaigns.

6. Make it easy to share your email

Let your subscribers do some of the work for you! Add sharing icons and a “Forward to a Friend” link to your emails. Often the engaged customers on your email list are your best source for new customers.


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