What Can a Logo Redesign Do For Your Business?

There is often a lot of talk when a well-known brand changes its logo. Some companies like Olive Garden, who recently revealed a new logo, hope to rejuvenate energy into a business or change their consumer image. But are your high hopes for your new logo realistic?

Olive Garden's logo before and after

Before you consider a logo or brand redesign, consider your reasons and goals. Changing your logo may seem like a great idea, but remember that many customers identify you by your logo. If the change isn’t well planned and executed, you risk alienating your customers and hurting your bottom line.

Logo Redesign and Brand Refresh: What It Can Do

Modernize Your Business. While there’s something to nostalgia, sometimes a logo redesign can help bring a company up-to-date. Perhaps your old logo didn’t scale down well onto your new mobile website or still has 70′s color vibe.

Align With Other Areas of Your Business. Changing the colors of a logo can sometimes help integrate it with other areas of your business. Recently one of my clients requested a color change to their logo I designed in order to integrate it with his new office color scheme. This kind of change creates a seamless experience from web to signs and business cards to the office visit.

Mann Dental Care color refresh

Embrace New Areas of Your Business. Sometimes a logo change allows the brand to embrace other products that the original logo excluded. An excellent example of this is Starbuck’s recent logo refresh. Since the chain has expanded to include a variety of non-coffee beverages, it just made sense to release the Siren imagery from the coffee wording.


Bring Extra Attention. It’s been said that no PR is bad PR — but that’s not necessarily true if your logo change drives away or confuses existing customers. Be sure to have a roll out strategy for your new logo and brand look so customers don’t think you’ve closed, been bought out, or are desperate. These kinds of problems have plagued businesses large and small – from Olive Garden and Gap to your local businesses. When executed well – like Yahoo! below – the extra attention from a logo redesign can revitalize your business.

Are you considering a logo redesign or brand refresh? Have questions? Connect with me to discuss your design needs.