Tips on Getting What You Need From a Graphic Designer

Have you ever hired a contractor, whether for a home improvement project or to spiff up your business’s marketing, only to find that the end-product didn’t meet your expectations? This can happen with graphic design, too. Even with the best of intentions, the client-designer relationship isn’t always fruitful.

What can you do as a client to get what you need? After spending time searching for a great designer and signing the contract, following these tips can help you get the best results.


It’s essential to have goals.

Your designer will look at your goals and give you a creative brief. Be sure that you and your designer discuss in detail how you intend to use the design, target audience, competitors, tone, and message. If this conversation doesn’t occur, disaster may follow! Be sure to lay it all out on the table before any work begins so you and your designer are both on the same page.

logic > emotions

Put emotion to the side.

After a good bit of hard work, your designer will deliver concepts or a product to you. Take a deep breath. Now, before deciding that you like, love or hate a design, ask yourself whether the solution meets the goals of your design brief. Remember, your designer is trying to reach your target audience and goals, not just company staff. You should get better results from your project by trusting your designer and the creative brief than your personal tastes.


Be communicative and specific.

When files arrive in your inbox, send a note to your designer that you received them. Let that person know when to expect a response from you — a day, a week — a little courtesy goes a long way… and it may also avoid delays or missing deadlines.

When giving feedback, remember to be specific. Feedback such as “I don’t like it,” or “Make it pop!” is rarely helpful in returning results you desire. Check out my post for more tips on Giving Feedback That Works.