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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks #4: Improving Click-through Rates

This is part four in my four-part series on email marketing tips and tricks. In this final segment, let’s talk about how to improve click-through rates. Before I get to this week’s tips, we need to understand some email terminology. Did you miss a previous part of my email marketing tips and tricks series? Go back… Read More »

3 Email Marketing Tips the Pros Use

Some business people think that marketing is the easiest tool in their box — and others think it is the hardest to master. Email marketing is still a science like other aspects of your marketing mix, but it has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies. In some senses, email marketing is still stuck in the 1990s… Read More »

Drive-by Advertising

Seattle Humane wanted to promote its pet adoptions using custom images of pets. I worked with photographers to establish guidelines for the photography of the pets, which belong to major donors. I delivered the concept, copywriting and design for the final ads. These king-sized bus advertisements ran in downtown Seattle throughout October. Client comments and… Read More »