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Resources: Guide for Marketing Research

While many marketers work from their gut instincts, at some point it’s not enough. Perhaps you’ve hit a wall with your growth. Maybe you’re not getting the return on investment (ROI) that you need. Or perhaps you’re just getting started with your business’s marketing. Whatever the reason that brought you to this point, you’re ready… Read More »

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks #4: Improving Click-through Rates

This is part four in my four-part series on email marketing tips and tricks. In this final segment, let’s talk about how to improve click-through rates. Before I get to this week’s tips, we need to understand some email terminology. Did you miss a previous part of my email marketing tips and tricks series? Go back… Read More »

5 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

I have seen some real blunders when it comes to marketing, and some marketing mistakes are all too common. Marketing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, but some mistakes can cost you big. Many of these mistakes are easy to avoid and won’t cost much (or are free) to fix. Let me share five… Read More »