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Email Marketing Tips and Tricks #4: Improving Click-through Rates

This is part four in my four-part series on email marketing tips and tricks. In this final segment, let’s talk about how to improve click-through rates. Before I get to this week’s tips, we need to understand some email terminology. Did you miss a previous part of my email marketing tips and tricks series? Go back… Read More »

Best Practices for Email Design

If you work on marketing emails, you’ve probably heard the common list of dos and donts related to your email writing content – short compelling subject lines, a great opener for email previews, and more. But what about best practices for design (or coding)? Turn off the WYSIWYG editor. Yes, seriously – turn it off!… Read More »

Branding a million dollar fundraiser

After last year’s success, the bar has been raised even higher for Seattle Humane Society’s annual fundraiser, Tuxes & Tails. With a goal to meet or beat last year’s $1.23 million raised, I worked with the marketing team to refresh the brand for a new year. As the sole designer for this event, project work… Read More »