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Resources: Guide for Marketing Research

While many marketers work from their gut instincts, at some point it’s not enough. Perhaps you’ve hit a wall with your growth. Maybe you’re not getting the return on investment (ROI) that you need. Or perhaps you’re just getting started with your business’s marketing. Whatever the reason that brought you to this point, you’re ready… Read More »

The Worst Advice You’ve Ever Heard About Design

There’s a lot of misconceptions about design out there, and chances are you’ve heard them. You may even believe them. Are you guilty of listening to this advice about graphic design? It Costs Too Much Maybe you’ve avoided hiring a designer because it seems too expensive at face value. Small businesses in particular feel that… Read More »

Tips on Getting What You Need From a Graphic Designer

Have you ever hired a contractor, whether for a home improvement project or to spiff up your business’s marketing, only to find that the end-product didn’t meet your expectations? This can happen with graphic design, too. Even with the best of intentions, the client-designer relationship isn’t always fruitful. What can you do as a client… Read More »