Everyone’s a Designer

Empowered By Technology We live in a world of memes, digital technology glued to our fingertips, and automated technology platforms that allow people to self-publish with the click of a button. iPad apps like SmugMug’s can “awesomeize” our digital photographs, or can add meme-like text with apps like Phonto. We can make websites and blogs… Read More »

Brand Identity Guide: Lion Digital Media

Logos and branding are not the same things. I frequently see small businesses with a logo but no brand identity guidelines — a standard for logo use, typography, colors, and graphic elements. It is important to have a sense of a cohesive brand to your customers. Recently, I created such a guide for Lion Digital… Read More »

Tips on Getting What You Need From a Graphic Designer

Have you ever hired a contractor, whether for a home improvement project or to spiff up your business’s marketing, only to find that the end-product didn’t meet your expectations? This can happen with graphic design, too. Even with the best of intentions, the client-designer relationship isn’t always fruitful. What can you do as a client… Read More »