Center for the Study of Liberty

Website audit, social media audit, strategy, and email marketing

I worked with Center for the Study of Liberty, a nonprofit focused on conversations, to improve their website, email marketing, social media strategy, fundraising, and event promotions. With a growing audience, I provide insights into how to best reach their goals with their digital marketing.

Website audit

I conducted an audit of the Center's website, looking at areas like user experience, content, lead generation, SEO, analytics insights, and more. I provided strategies for identified issues such as reducing the bounce rate, improving layouts and user flow, and content additions/re-wording that could improve KPI's.

Social media strategy

I reviewed the current social media presence of the organization and provided a comprehensive social media strategy document. I identified competitors, brand voice, frequency targets, sample posts and other ways that the Center could engage and convert their audience.

Center email marketing

I plan, write, design, and optimize email marketing campaigns for the organization. Whether they needed a monthly newsletter, donation campaign, or event announcement, I have provided assistance with all aspects of email marketing.

Results: This particular email saw a 36.5% open rate (93% higher than industry average) and a 4.1% click rate (127% higher than industry average).